Hi, my name is Antero Nuutinen 
I'm a Lettering Artist and Graphic Designer
Living in Helsinki
I HAVE DONE WORK FOR: House Industries, GiggleBug Entertainment, Helsinki Design Week, Makia Clothing, Pelago Bicycles, Veikkaus, SuperCell, Rovio, Disney, Bomfunk Mc’s, Yellow Films, City of Helsinki, McDonalds Suomi, and HalpaHalli ...just to name a few.
MY HELSINKI / Wordmark Design for the City of Helsinki and the rest is history #myhelsinki.
BOMFUNK MC'S / Logo Re-Design for the world famous Finnish dance act, Bomfunk MC's 2019 comeback. -Freestyler-
KEELING ANDREW & CO. / Logo Design for Dan Keeling & Mark Andrew's UK based wine import company.
MAKIA CLOTHING CO. / Script Logo for Helsinki based Makia's simple and functional streetwear.
SUPER FURBALL & SUPER MARSU / Bilingual Logo Design for Yellow Film's 3D animated & live action kids movie.
BROOKLYN & BRISTOL / Logo Designs and Illustrations for Pelago Bicycle Company's bike decals.
HANGUP / Masthead Design for Finnish skateboard publication Hangup.
PAMA – THE NICE HOCKEY CO. / Logo Design and Illustration for Padasjoen Maila's handmade hockey sticks.
ROTTERS & NOBLE ROT / Masthead design for the UK based wine and food magazine NobleRot, and a Logo design for the Rotters bar.
FGSMH / Logo Design for Helsinki based Frisbee Golf Crew Mulligan Hooligans.
BEST & BESTER / Logo Design for Helsinki based studio — Gigglebug Entertainment’s animated Kids TV-series.
RUOKA & MAT / Un-used bilingual Masthead Design's for Finnish "K-grocery" store's (free) food magazine.
VARAA VALITA / Wordmark Design and Illustation for the McDonald's low cost burgers. Made at Nord DDB Helsinki in 2019.
MAESTRO CAJUN / Wordmark Design for the McDonald's premium hamburger. Made at Nord DDB Helsinki in 2019.
ATIKIN KAUPPA / Logo Design and Illustation for the former Finnish football player Atik Ismail's online store.
KIPUA VASTAAN / Lettering Design for the Burana pain relief gel. Made at Nord DDB Helsinki in 2019.
HALPAHALLI SANS / Typeface Design for HalpaHalli department stores, by the request of SEK in 2017, in collaboration with Mika Melvas.
GIGGLEBUG ENTERTAINMENT / Logo Design for Finnish Animation Studio who's mission is to make positive and fun stuff with a purpose.
FOOD / Script Lettering for New Market's local food event, by the request of Helsinki Design Week in 2018.
MAKE INSTAGRAM GREAT AGAIN / Lettering challenge for personal practice purposes. For more of my experimentals check my IG & Behance.
TUBE QUIZ / Logo Design for a startup Tube Quiz (website) — a video quiz about Youtube video's. Made in 2015.
WET PUSSY / Illustration for Kilroy Travels and Finnish HIV Council's poster campaign "Wear a Condom" by the request of McCann in 2015.
YOU'RE COOL X FRESSI MOOSE / Lettering for US based greeting card company GRAMR, and Character Design for Fressi Gym's kids moose mascot.
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